our strategy

Dear Friends and fellow Zionists

I wanted to offer an alternative method to defend our beloved Israel. For years we have been fighting malicious rumors about Israel. These misconceptions include it’s right to exist and how we are treating the Palestinians and Arabs in general. Anti-Israel advocates always seem to twist reality into the same tale. While endless propaganda is forced on us, we are left searching for a way to debunk it. At this crucial moment, I want you to try something a bit different offense.

Before diving into this strategy, let’s briefly look at how we got here in the first place. To do this, we need to examine what our pain point is to make sure we survive in the long run. Although there is always room for improvement, Israel’s military is far superior to its enemies. Similarly, our economy is moving forward steadily. We are also always at the edge of technology and are continuously improving our defense mechanism. The area in which we are moving backward is the world’s perception of Israel.

Public Relations is the only place that we are really hurting and it has the ability to affect these other areas in the long run. The harsh reality is that we are losing the PR war and we are losing it badly. 

I know it’s hard to hear, but sometimes in order to fix something you must admit that you are an alcoholic first. Oh wait, wrong organization, but the same notion works in Alcoholics Anonymous. In order to fix our issue, we must put our ego’s aside and admit that we have a serious problem. Then, we must ask ourselves: Where is this PR problem coming from? 

There seems to be a growth in the crazy, nationalist, right-wing nut jobs of  the world. Their growth comes from anti-immigration/refugee sentiments and they have enjoyed taking on the Jewish community as a side project. As much as these nut jobs influence the Diaspora Jewish community’s quality of life, they do not really affect how we perceive Israel. If anything, we want to support Israel even more because of those idiots, right? Yet anti-Zionism sentiments have managed to penetrate the mainstream, and with that comes anti-Jewish attitudes. 

There is a huge growth in this anti-Zionist way of thinking across most universities. It is mainly spread from students and teachers clinging toward propagandous (yes, I just invented a word) organizations such as JVP, BDS, and even J street. This includes some of the top universities that produce our future leaders and politicians.

We can already see this phenomenon in effect. For example, up until this year, the opposing leader in England, Jeremy Corbyn, was a blatant antisemite who had the opinion polls to potentially become the next prime minister. 

Then, across the Atlantic, we were all so distraught about a rude, narcissistic leader that we seemed to have forgotten that in previous elections Clinton barely beat Bernie Sanders who also had a fair chance of beating Trump. That alternative would have resulted in significant support being taken away from Israel. 

The reality is that the left are the ones who are pushing against Israel, and have managed to bring anti-Israel ideology into the mainstream way of thinking. That means we need to focus our efforts on changing these ways of thinking. We are not doing this on behalf of conservatives, but on behalf of the liberals and progressives who lost their homes. We simply need to take back what is ours – the progressive ideology.

Let that sink in some more; the left is managing to spread hate about Jews and Israel and somehow looking good while doing so. Well, honestly, that’s what the left has been doing since  socialist ideology has become popular. By using terms such as camrade, they make you feel as if they are doing it for your benefit. They adopt partially progressive ideas and then use that as an excuse. Others just get manipulated into it, but at the end of the day they do this because they truly feel it’s best for the world; unlike the crazy right-wing nut jobs who feel that getting rid of minorities is good for the real world. In this case, it’s really coming from a good place – or I should say: a more delusional sense of moral superiority. 

We are used to the blunt, unapologetic hater on the extreme right who is easy to point out, but the left is much more sophisticated than that. They are like your Aunt Rosie who seems so charming and nice in her cardigan, but in reality, is an extra level of crazy when you really get to know her. For example, Louis Farrakhan is considered a “civil rights leader.” Linda Sarsour, a “WOMEN’S CHAMPION,” Che Guevara “a true revolutionary,” and Jeremy Corbyn, “leader of the people.” Of course, we can’t forget Stalin, the man who “made everyone equal.” All these people have manipulated themselves into power through somewhat good means. However, they have created the narrative that if you want to subscribe to lefty ideology, then you must be anti-Israel (among other not-so-progressive ideals).

Now that we have an understanding of where our PR battle stems from, we need to talk about some more serious issues. The left side is promoting BDS and Israel apartheid week. They are  making a home for anti-Zionists and antisemites while slowly convincing the mainstream that Israel is the worst human rights issue in the world – even if they are the real cause of the biggest human rights atrocities.

Let’s explore this idea for a second because it’s key to our offense strategy. The left is not just anti-Israel, they’re the cause of Palestinian sufferings. The crimes committed towards the Palestinians BY THEIR OWN LEADERSHIP are some of the worst crimes committed in the last century. Rarely do we see leadership sacrificing their children and their sick as human shields against their enemies. We see this when they use hospitals and schools as their missile-launching bases. The Palestinian leadership, with the help of the UN and UNRWA – which is pretty much funded by the western world – are promoting child soldiers. We’ve almost never seen this level of crimes anywhere in the world, yet when it comes to Palestinians not only is it accepted – it’s promoted.

All these organizations, including UNRWA and BDS, have taken opportunities away from Palestinians to work. The best example is SodaStream, which gave equal jobs to Palestinians and Jews. What about peace though? Israel offered five peace compromises. If anyone actually cared about peace they would have motivated the Palestinians to come to the negotiation tables, not empower them to fight without a real cause. Therefore, it’s fair to conclude that anti-Israeli advocates really don’t care about Palestinians – they just care about Israel. The only ones that do care about the Palestinians are pro-Israel activists like Alan Dershowitz. We need to ask our opponents, as well as ourselves: who is really the Progressive?

With an understanding of all this, our focus should now be on our offense strategy. We need to take back the words progressive and liberal; they belong to us and they have been taken away from us, like a bully takes away a kid’s lunch money and then complains to the teacher when they retaliate. So, how do we take back what is ours?

Until now, we have been way too busy defending Israel, but the truth is that the people who have already decided to be haters don’t particularly care about Israeli’s; what they care about is the Palestinians. If you read books like Predictably Irrational by Dan Arieli, then you probably understand that most people simply follow the narrative of their group. It’s up to us to change the narrative by continuously pointing out to lefties that they are not progressive at all because they don’t care about the crimes committed against the Palestinians by their own leaders. They don’t care about their well-being, jobs, economy or  health. They don’t even really care about peace – only about their pointless revolution. 

We need to start focusing our protests, debates, and our discussion with the media (and social media) to draw attention to what truly matters to those activists. We need to point out how they don’t really care about the Palestinians, how they have blood on their hands, and how they are warmongers. We need to hit them where it hurts and let them know that they stopped being progressives a long time ago. By definition, progressive means ‘to move forward’, but instead, they are moving things in all directions. I don’t know about you, but if I cared about progressive ideology this is what really would make me think.

If we offend some lefty Jews, that’s okay. Offending them might make them think. If this pushes them away, they are not good for us anyway. A J street type of jew causes more damage than good. Personally, I’d rather they just admit they are self-haters than hide behind a confusing, super irrational, supposedly “Zionist” extreme-left organization. For all of the people who are truly progressive, this is a wake-up call so that we may be unified under the same idea.

For the progressives who strayed away from the progressive side: STOP! DON’T LEAVE! You identify as such because you care about the world and you want to see peace and  things moving forward. Don’t let the left side bully you out of your ideology. Own your ideology and hit the bullies back with a better viewpoint. We need you on this, and simply calling yourself a ‘centrist’ or ‘confused’ will not help anyone. Part of this tactic is taking back these words.

For the right-wing Zionist: if you are a true conservative, then I leave it up to you. But, if your buddy just joined your side and you know that they do not really belong, for the sake of Zionism ask him to fight back. I know it might seem strange at first, but having Zionism associated with only one side or one party is not to the advantage of anyone.